Nordic Walking And Its Magic

Nordic walking is a full body kind of walking that can be appreciated both by non-competitors as a health promotion activity and by athletes as a game. The walking is done with specially made walking poles.


1.Increase caloric consumption up to 40%.

An essential exercise for smoldering calories and building cardiovascular wellness is cross country skiing. Both substantial abdominal area muscles and lower body muscles are completely occupied with this game. The Nordic Walking procedure will issue you comparable advantages. There can be an increment in oxygen utilization and caloric use of up to 40%.

2. Increases abdominal area strength.

Normal strolling just uses the legs, while arms are utilized for gaining balance. Vigorous arm activity will help build your walking speed and drive your legs. Utilizing Nordic Walking poles, you add imperviousness to the arm activity.

3. Low stress on the joints.

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Numerous individuals experience pain of the back, hip, knee and lower leg torment because of a lot of weight on the joints, stacking misaligned joints, absence of spinal stability, and injury, etc. The Nordic Walking posts empower two additional legs, giving the body an advantageous weight conveyance. This gives less weight on the joints. Anybody recovering from an injury ought to abstain from putting all their weight on the injury. Pregnant ladies can likewise profit by Nordic Walking as they gain weight.

4. Reduces neck and shoulder torment.

A 12 week study in Finland demonstrated that the musculoskeletal tension symptoms in the abdominal area reduced in the group that took part Nordic Walking unlike the individuals who did not. Both groups in the study were Finnish female office laborers. Nordic Walking improves muscular endurance in the abdominal area, which appears to have a good effect on muscles used in daily tasks.

5. Increases neck and chest mobility.

Nordic strolling needs torso rotation with each step. This improves movement of the muscles in the thoracic area. A number of posterior and interior upper body muscles come from the thoracic spine and ribcage. These muscle improves mobility as a result of the torso rotation.

6. Reduces risk of falling and improves safety.

Trekkers and hikers who stroll on rough terrain and carry a lot load, have used ski poles for long in adding stability. Any person that has an issue with balance can gain from the stability provided by the Nordic walking poles. The poles can be of use to pregnant women as their centre of gravity changes. It’s like walking with two more legs.

7. Gives equal intensity of running without mush stress.

Individuals have given up on running when they learnt they can achieve the equal heart rate from Nordic Walking as they will with running. This is because of the increase in muscle use. The upper body works on Nordic walking. This leads to a higher need for oxygenated blood. As the person becomes more conditioned, they use more challenging terrain to get a higher intensity workout.

8. Improves mood.

One of the first studies on Nordic walking shows it analyzes mood state. Research subjects walking with poles demonstrated a reduce in fatigue, anger, and depression

9. Increased fun!

As Nordic Walkers say they have fun; Nordic Walking gives more fun than regular walking because it gives them higher variety and higher exercise.

Yennah Hurley is a Nordic Walking teacher working with the International Nordic Walking Association. Nordic Walking is her dream and she knows that people can gain from using the poles.


Nordic Walking poles are light and have a unique strap system that enables opening and closing of our hands during walking and pushing off. Real poles are equipped with good fingerless glove-like straps. The specially designed straps on the poles are the key to their success.

Nordic poles are specially invented for this purpose, while trekking poles or adapted ski poles would not provide the benefits and unlike Nordic poles, they are usually switched between the right and left hands. Nordic poles are smaller than those prescribed for cross country skiing. The poles are essentially made of lightweight carbon fibre or aluminium and are retractable for easy storing. These versatile Poles are also made of durable carbide metal tips for your favorite trail, snow and the beach. These Walking poles are usually mistaken for trekking poles or ski poles. These poles are bought from so many manufacturers and are sold at different prices. Nordic poles are available in adjustable length or fixed length, but one piece. These special walking poles are lighter, safer and more durable when compared to twist-locking adjustable/adjustable poles/telescoping. The walking Poles are used at the back of the body and makes use the muscles of the upper body while reducing the impact of the ground force on the joints. Nordic Walking poles are strong and light; relatively light not to strain the shoulders and strong enough to bend and not break. Most Nordic poles are made of one-piece carbon fiber material that makes them very lightweight (under 1lb for each pair) and durable.

Nordic Poles:

The poles from top brands cost about $80 to $200. The poles come with instructions on a DVD.

Rubber tip;

Rubber tips used in cleared surfaces, and underneath is a carbide tip for some other surface. the asphalt pad made of rubber are used for hard asphalt.

Cork Handle:

Cork forms over a long period of time to fit your hands.Both cork and foam absorbs sweat, while rubber and plastic holds can get slippery (and also risky) when wet.


Running with Nordic Walking poles permits you to turn up the force much further.


The aftereffect of utilizing Nordic walking poles is a full body walking workout that can burn out all necessary calories without a change in perceived exertion or needing to walk quicker, because of the incorporation of much large core, and other abdominal area muscles which are more than 90% of the body total muscle mass and do go against resistance with every stride.