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5 ecommerce data predictions from 2021 to stay ahead of the game

By on November 23, 2021 0

In e-commerce, 2021 doesn’t look like it was just a few weeks ago. The industry is changing — again — and doing so quickly. Now, new predictions from the Digital Commerce 360 ​​research team show that 2021 will be an unprecedented year in e-commerce history.

Last year, as the pandemic changed the retail landscape, Digital Commerce 360 ​​released its first report on the e-commerce market. It was a thorough, insightful and comprehensive review of everything that had happened to the industry since the start of the pandemic and what would happen next.

Now that the change has accelerated, Digital Commerce 360 ​​has launched the all-new e-commerce market report 2021 – the result of months of work by a team of seven researchers, analysts and journalists – is now available.

Here are some facts, figures and forecasts contained in the 64-page report.

1) Strong sales for the holidays will bring total US online retail sales in 2021 to $ 886.20 billion, according to digital commerce 360 ​​estimates: a 16.2% increase from 762 , $ 68 million in 2020 and a whopping 53.2% jump from $ 578.50 billion in 2019.

2) Online now accounts for about 20% of retail sales in the United States. And as Amazon and its bigger rivals invest heavily in e-commerce, Digital Commerce 360 ​​expects that number to grow even as shoppers return to stores.

3) Online-only retailers will be the fastest growing type of merchant, with a collective increase of 29.8% on top of the 38.3% growth of the previous year.

4) Digital Commerce 360 ​​estimates that digital revenue for the all-important November to December period could surpass the $ 200 billion mark for the first time, reaching $ 215.45 billion in online sales. This is an increase from the $ 192.19 billion revised in the same two months in 2020.

5) The pandemic has been an accelerator of electronic commerce. The U.S. e-commerce market will reach levels this year that pundits didn’t expect until 2023.

Included in the 2021 Ecommerce Market Report report:

  • Forecasts for holiday sales 2021
  • Fastest Growing Category Data and Analysis
  • In-depth insights into marketplaces, public retailers and the IPO market
  • Changes in online penetration and offline performance in retail
  • Projections on who will be the top 250 online retailers in 2022
  • Dive into clothing, food / drink and household items

The United States Ecommerce Market Report 2021 is available as a downloadable PDF for $ 499. It’s also included in our Gold and Platinum subscriptions, which provide full access to all published Digital Commerce 360 ​​reports and select online retailer databases. Find out more here.