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A New Study Accurately Places New Jersey In This Hogwarts House

By on August 5, 2022 0

A new study came out that placed every state in a Hogwarts house and the choice of New Jersey couldn’t be more specific.

Whether you’ve read books, watched movies, visited theme parks, or none of the above, you’ve heard of Harry Potter.

If you live in the muggle world (this is a reference to Harry Potter) and are unfamiliar with the series, Harry Potter attends a wizarding school called Hogwarts which sorts each student into a “house” and all around. Throughout the school year, you can earn, or lose, points for your particular house.

At the end of the year, the house with the most points wins the House Cup.

Harry Potter merchandise for the new book

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There are four different houses and each has a different personality:

Gryffindor is represented by a lion and is characterized by “bravery, audacity, nerve and chivalry”. The states that fell into this house are Utah, Michigan, and Connecticut, that’s it.

Hufflepuff is represented by a badger and is characterized as “hard-working, dedicated, patient, loyal and fair-play”. Doesn’t look like New Jersey, does it? The states that fell into this house are Idaho, Wyoming, and Kansas.

Ravenclaw is represented by an eagle and is characterized as “intelligent, knowledgeable, curious, creative and witty”.

And the last house is Slytherin represented by a serpent and characterized as “ambitious, shows leadership, self-preservation, cunning and ingenuity”.

JK Rowling at Albert Hall

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Knowing that all the antagonists of the series are in Slytherin house, I initially assumed that New Jersey was settled there.

According a survey that Dish Network extinct, New Jersey was placed in Ravenclaw house and now it makes perfect sense.

Taking the politics out of that (it would definitely put us in Slytherin), all of the different types of New Jerseyans have at least one of the traits. Have you ever met someone from New Jersey who didn’t think they “knew it all”?

This survey consisted of a simple request of 3 questions:

  • The people of the house would sort out their condition.
  • People in the house are sorted by the house they want to be sorted into.
  • What people think of the house they were sorted into.

And a Google Trend search to see which of the four houses each state was looking for.

If you guessed that Gryffindor was the most popular house in the whole country, you were wrong.

The majority of the nation, 27 states, sit in Slytherin House. Go figure.

Rhii Photography via Unsplash

Rhii Photography via Unsplash

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Kristen, producer of New Jersey morning show 101.5. All opinions expressed are his own.
Questions, corrections or comments? Email producer Kristen at [email protected] or follow her on instagram.

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