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Amazon, Nordstrom, Pagoda Piercing at Retailers Hiring in Texas

By on April 21, 2021 0

Retail sales in Texas rebounded to a six-month high in March, and signs of sought-after help are appearing. Nordstrom, Piercing Pagoda and Amazon are among the retailers to be filled in Texas.

Amazon seems to be continually adding employees, but it’s still impressive that the e-commerce giant said it nearly doubled its employment in Texas last year to over 72,000. While the jobs were mostly in fulfillment centers, Amazon said have also added positions in Texas and its stores – Whole Foods Market, Amazon Books and 4-Star.

Amazon will hire an additional 6,000 people in Texas this year. A dozen new delivery stations are expected to open this year in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, and new order fulfillment and parcel sorting centers are in the works for Houston, Waco, El Paso and Lubbock.

Nordstrom runs a rental day Friday at all of its Texas stores from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and bartenders.

Piercing Pagoda is looking for body piercers in Dallas, Austin and Orlando, Florida to meet the high demand for pandemic-inspired self-expression from Millennial and Gen Z customers.

Amazon has already started hiring for the new Lancaster operation.(Steve Brown / Staff)

The mall-based kiosk operator opened an additional 20 locations last year and now has more than 570 in the United States, and plans to open more this year. Piercing Pagoda wants to hire up to 200 facial piercing specialists and has created an apprenticeship program to train new talent.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas said retail employment was improving.

“Retail activity in Texas rose sharply in March as sales growth surged and employment growth reached rates last seen in 2019. Retailers have been very positive in their assessment of business conditions and outlook, despite their concerns about inventory shortages, ”said Christopher Slijk, of the Dallas Fed’s Associate Economist.

More than 10% of jobs in Texas are in the retail industry, and those jobs were hit hard in the early months of the pandemic, when many stores were deemed non-essential. Employment has rebounded from the lows of last spring, but job descriptions are changing.

Before the pandemic, retailers were already shifting jobs from the sales floor to positions that support online order fulfillment, tech tools, and personal shopping and delivery. This trend has accelerated.

In the United States, retail trade created 23,000 jobs in March, still 381,000 jobs below February 2020 levels. Similarly in Texas, retail employment in March gained 6,000 jobs since February, but the total was 8,700 fewer than before the pandemic began. The state lost 164,000 retail jobs in April and has been recovering since then.

Nordstrom Galleria in Dallas.
Nordstrom Galleria in Dallas.(Vernon Bryant / photographer)

Amazon said its new hires came from a wide range of work histories. Last year, nearly 30,000 people came from manufacturing, over 19,000 from retail, and 16,500 from education and health care. He said 45% of workers were previously unemployed.

A separate Fed Bank of Dallas index of retail optimism about general future activity rose 10 points and a future sales index hit its best reading since early 2017.

Overall, Texas contributed to the surge in retail sales in the United States, which was up 9.8% in March, higher than expected by Wall Street analysts after falling 3% in February.

The Fed Bank said retail sales in Texas rebounded to a six-month high in March and retailers operating in the state are optimistic about the future.

The Fed’s sales index, a measure of the state’s retail activity, fell from -0.1 in February to 19.6 in March, its highest level since last fall, when consumers have turned to holiday shopping.

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