Anyone who votes for NATO enlargement without reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a traitor

By on May 1, 2022 0

Image: Screenshot by Zoran Milanović/Facebook

ZAGREB, May 1, 2022 – President Zoran Milanović said on Sunday that any member of the Croatian parliament who votes for Finland and Sweden to join NATO before the change in the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a traitor .

Milanović has already stated on several occasions that he is opposed to Finland and Sweden joining the North Atlantic Alliance if the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not changed, since it allows Bosnians more likely to beat the Croats in that neighboring country.

Speaking in Varaždin where he attended an International Workers’ Day celebration, Milanović reiterated that Croatia had a “historic opportunity” to fight for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is also in “the interest of Croatia and not just a crazy wish”.

“I will call anyone who votes otherwise (for Sweden and Finland into NATO) a traitor. And I will call anyone who drinks coffee with them a traitor. There is no other way,” Milanovic said.

“If I spoke in a sleep-inducing way like (PM Andrej) Plenković does…then no one would listen to me. That way I take on the burden of being awful, people who hate me, throw me away eggs, booing me for fighting for a just cause. It’s my duty. I’m the president and the supreme commander,” he added.

Rafale jets are attractive but useless

Milanović also referred to the purchase of 12 Rafale multirole fighter jets from France, pointing out that they were overpaid and unnecessary, and that France did not advocate changes to the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Where if the aid from France vis-à-vis BiH? How much should we pay, ten billion euros? A billion and a half is not enough?” Milanovic asked.

He believes that it would have been better for Croatia to buy around 100 drones and strengthen its air defence. But, he said, Plenković personally decided to buy the jets which are useless for Croatia and “useless” in wartime but good “for showing off”.

“What use are 12 Rafales with very little equipment and very few missiles? Do you see how short the life of a jet plane in a war if it is not the best? ” he said.

He added that Hungary, with ten to twelve interceptors, failed to detect a downed Soviet-made drone in a Zagreb suburb in March.

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