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By on April 21, 2021 0

Regular update from Garfield County Commissioners Meeting:

Bureau of Land Management Field Director Larry Sandoval received a maximum of $ 2,000 from Commissioners’ Discretionary Funds to assist with the cleanup of Hubbard Mesa on the Roan Plateau. People littered with debris ranging from candy wrappers to abandoned vehicles there.

The commissioners agreed to send a letter to district state senators informing them of their strong opposition to confirming James Jay Tuchton to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission (CPW) because of his alleged political motivations – including his support for the reintroduction of wolves.

The commissioners expressed support for a letter from the associated governments of Northwest Colorado to CPW vying for the inclusion of its elected officials on the advisory group regarding the reintroduction of wolves.

Updating of personal services

YouthZone Executive Director Lori Mueller attended her last Garfield County Commission meeting in this capacity. She and the new director, Jami Hayes, briefed the Commissioners on their continued support for at-risk youth and keeping them out of the criminal justice system.

The River Bridge Regional Center, which conducts forensic interviews with children as part of their work to prevent child abuse, also provided an update.

Yampah Teen Parent Program Director Sally Kilton told Commissioners: “We have served 23 pregnant teens and parents in Garfield County this year; we had six infants and 14 toddlers; I currently have three pregnant mothers and we have served three fathers this year which is really, really great.

Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army, New Castle River Center, and Roaring Fork Valley Family Resource Center have united in their increased services throughout the pandemic year. “We want to come before you and remind the community of the Commissioners’ response to the pandemic, making available to our agencies $ 200,000 to help those in the community who were financially stricken by COVID,” said Marian McDonough, regional director of Catholic charities.

Human Services Council

Diane White, from the Garfield County Department of Human Services (DHS), addressed the panel: “I’m here to approve EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfers) disbursements. for the month of March. These supplier disbursements totaled $ 256,626; client benefits for food aid and the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) totaled $ 911,186 for a total of $ 1,167,812 for the month of March. The commissioners approved the request.

The commissioners have agreed to dedicate a reimbursement of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s cost savings from the county’s municipal transportation contribution (Voyageur) totaling $ 81,369 to next year’s travelers fund. Before concluding the DHS portion of the session, Commissioner Tom Jankovsky said, “I just know there are 15,000 people on Medicaid and this is the highest number I have ever seen in this county – that’s 25% of our population. They are getting 100% health insurance support, which is a good thing. However, this is up to individuals who pay for their own health insurance. ”

Board of Health (BOH)

Yvonne Long of Garfield County Public Health (GCPH) gave the monthly COVID update. There are about 17,000 people in Garfield County fully vaccinated, or about 40% of the population eligible for the vaccine. The ministry further estimates that 52% of eligible people received their first dose. Long said they were working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to bring a mass vaccination site to Glenwood Springs – as seen in Grand Junction.

Commissioners approved “Resolution 21 declaring Garfield County local guidelines following state limitation on COVID-19 restrictions” with some discussion. Commissioner Samson began reading in the resolution: “The County Commissioners Council serving as both BOCC and Garfield County BOH… encourages all citizens of Garfield County to continue to follow the five containment strategies that are have been shown to be effective in slowing the spread… ”The other commissioners agreed that they encourage and do not compel citizens to follow state containment strategies – including wearing masks.

County District Attorney Tari Williams referred to the elephant in the play, “Technically we should all be wearing masks in this room right now,” being a public forum, and continued, “I’m not going to tell you. which direction to go. President John Martin replied, ‘I think you can tell how we went,’ slyly acknowledging that they themselves do not comply with public health orders to wear masks indoors. In fact, hardly anyone wears a face mask at these meetings.

There was a discussion about the need to move forward to clear the land east of Walmart in Glenwood Springs. A sales pitch is expected in the coming weeks.

Public audience

Garfield County Airport has been approved for a private aircraft hangar that will eventually be converted for commercial use.

A limited impact land use permit for an outdoor storage facility for the self-storage of recreational vehicles, trailers and boats at 87 CR 103, two miles east of Carbondale, also has been approved.