Dragonfly Biosciences Launches Global Awareness in Australia

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LONDON, April 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Dragonfly Biosciences United Kingdom, the makers of a leading line of CBD oils and skin care products from seed to storage have entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Health House International Australia, allowing the sale of over-the-counter Dragonfly CBD oils in Australia. The partnership stems from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration in February 2021 change regulations to allow registered CBD products to be sold without a prescription in Australian pharmacies.

Commenting on the partnership with Health House International Australia, Regan saveall, Managing Director of Dragonfly Biosciences United Kingdom says, “The non-exclusive distribution agreement with Health House International is great news for Dragonfly Biosciences and, more importantly, for our CBD product line as we expand our global reach to buyers of Australia. Health House International has a portfolio of medicinal cannabis and, like Dragonfly Biosciences, the company aims to provide high quality products and ensure Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) with all products certified and compliant with the latest regulations. national.

Health House International Australian Chief Operating Officer, pharmacist Paul Mavor note: “This agreement is another victory for Health House International and brings the company one step closer to filling the void in today’s market that needs reliable, high-quality and affordable medicinal cannabis. The Dragonfly CBD brand is sold in thousands of drugstores and food retailers already. This is exactly the kind of product that would fit perfectly on the shelves of Australian drugstores. “

Regan saveall, Managing Director of Dragonfly Biosciences United Kingdom further notes: “Sharing the same business values ​​is essential for any working partnership. From the start as a company, our strategy from start-to-market is at the heart of our brand – Dragonfly – always ensuring that what we put on the shelves and online so that consumers buy a quality product, containing the advertised quantity of CBD oil; THC free; has a lot number; legal and expiry date on each pack and complies with all regulatory frameworks. And thanks to that integrity, we were the first CBD oil to be stocked by Boots and subsequently on the shelves at Tesco and Sainsbury’s to name a few retailers, despite our humble origins.

“In fact, when we started in 2017, we only had 10 hectares of cultivation, but we made sure to be certified organic, because we knew that the CBD sector was going to be focused on quality ingredients, to win. the hearts and minds of retail consumers and indeed regulators. And this is where we grew as a company, increasing our cultivation to 650 hectares.

“Quality, safety and legality have been a bit of a ‘thorn in the side’ for the burgeoning CBD industry. This is why Dragonfly Biosciences has invested in the highest production standards, including owning a state-of-the-art extraction laboratory. , toxicity testing and treatment.

“We have the best high performance liquid chromatography test facilities and applications, which in addition to testing for cannabinoid and water content, also examine the microbiology of oils, for the presence of heavy metals and herbicides. or pesticides. As a result, each batch of our Dragonfly CBD product comes with a certificate of analysis from an ISO accredited third party laboratory confirming the CBD content and the absence of THC. This is what sets us apart in the CBD industry, which is why we are awarded as a brand. “

Regan saveall adds: “Reaching consumers with our product portfolios across the world, such as Australia is part of a business strategy at Dragonfly Biosciences, as are investments in product innovation in the CBD sector and the resources, investments and ongoing commitments we as a company make in extraction facilities and manufacturing. Throughout 2021, we will have further information on the expansion of the product portfolio, as well as partnerships, plans and investment announcements. “

About Dragonfly Biosciences

Dragonfly CBD can be found at a variety of reputable dealers on the high street of the UK including Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and in pharmacies where professional advice can be sought on the proper use of the product. Dragonfly is available in two ranges – narrow spectrum and broad spectrum – and in a range of oral strengths. Vitamin D is included in some oral preparations to help consumers get the UK government recommended daily dose of this essential vitamin. Dragonfly also produces a line of CBD skin care products. www.dragonflycbd.com

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