Electronic transfers of benefits in the event of a summer pandemic (P-EBT)

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The Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) goes to children in existing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) households and non-SNAP households. (archive photo)

The Virgin Islands Department of Social Services (DHS) is advising the public that the Summer Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (Summer P-EBT) will be issued to eligible schoolchildren on the following dates:

P-EBT summer 2021 for schoolchildren Exit dates by district

  • October 16 in St. Thomas / St. Jean district
  • October 17 in the Sainte-Croix district

DHS Commissioner Kimberley Causey-Gomez said: “At the Department of Social Services, it is our life’s work to serve our most vulnerable populations, especially our children. We take seriously our responsibility to tackle the COVID-19 crisis and ensure there is no food insecurity. Thousands of Virgin Islanders rely on us for direct service, which includes frontline work. While there is no denying the complexity of managing this crisis, I continue to be proud of our Family Assistance Division team for their exceptional hard work and dedication to the people of our community.

Who is eligible for Round 4 of the Summer P-EBT, and how will it be issued?

School-age children

  1. All students (K-12) who were enrolled in USVI public and private schools for the 2020-2021 school year and participated in the National School Lunch Program,
  2. Students who attended school according to the following learning mode: virtual, hybrid and in person, and
  3. Students who attended school in May 2021 of the 2020-2021 school year.
  4. For eligible children who are currently receiving SNAP, benefits will be loaded onto the household’s existing EBT card.
  5. For eligible children who do not receive SNAP but have received a card for P-EBT 1,2 and 3, the fourth round will automatically be loaded onto these cards.

For new eligible non-SNAP children:

  1. Cards will be mailed to addresses provided by parents and guardians.
  2. The card will be issued in the name of the student. Households with more than one eligible student will receive multiple cards.
  3. Instructions will be provided on how to configure and use the card to access the benefits.
  4. There is no application process. The Virgin Islands Department of Education and qualifying private schools have provided DHS with the names of students enrolled for the 2020-2021 school year.
  5. PEBT benefits can be used to purchase groceries from authorized SNAP retailer stores.
  6. The advantages of PEBT are not transferable. People must destroy the card if they don’t want benefits.

This P-EBT summer show is alone for school-age children. Eligible children who were under the age of 6 and who are identified under the “Child Care” category will receive their P-EBT summer show no later than October 31st.

How much will you receive?

A standard one-time benefit of $ 438 per child will be paid.

What is P-EBT?

P-EBT, short for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer, is an additional benefit that essentially provides food assistance through an electronic benefit card that can be used at participating grocery stores and convenience stores for food items. Unlike the SNAP, which is renewable based on eligibility, the P-EBT is a one-off service.

P-EBT was funded by the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which is now amended to the American Rescue Act. Benefits are available to all SNAP and non-SNAP Virgin Island households with children enrolled in locally registered public and private schools, Kindergarten to Grade 12, who have temporarily lost access to free school meals or reduced price due to a pandemic linked to the public and private school closures and for children under 6 who receive SNAP benefits.

For more information on P-EBT, visit the DHS website at www.dhs.gov.vi, or families can call the P-EBT customer service number: 772-7120 or send an e- mail to [email protected] with the subject: P -EBT.

For more information, visit the Department of Human Services website at www.dhs.gov.vi or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/usvidhs) at the US Virgin Islands Department of Human Services .

For more information on COVID-19, the novel strain of coronavirus, visit the VI Department of Health website or send COVID19USVI to 888777. # COVID19USVI

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