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By on October 10, 2022 0

It is an accepted fact that very little has been done in consecutive years to have a convincing, workable and flexible human resource management policy in the former state of Jammu and Kashmir and even not much has yet been made after it became a Union Territory. However, it has now started to draw attention to improving its existing ecosystem. We have repeatedly expressed our concern that the vital force of this resource is not recognized to bring about changes in line with the demands of the times and therefore the due priority does not prove to be adequate, otherwise human resources are loaded delivering services, responding to the ground, implementing the government’s flagship policies and programs to improve the lot of the people, contributing to productivity and the important overall role it plays in various forms in building the economy of Jammu and Kashmir.
Similarly, very little is done in terms of investing in human resource capital on a periodic basis, which means in other words education, health care, trainings, knowledge of the latest research, etc. However, an expense in the order of Rs.53 crore is expected to be incurred in setting up a project for funding the e-HRM system for employee data entry in Jammu and Kashmir which was previously submitted by the Center National Information Network (NIC), however, was unable to take off for nearly a year due to financial limitations faced by the UT government.
Notwithstanding this limitation, whether the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir is embarking on the introduction of technological intervention in the system to enhance and enhance the vital management of its employees’ service books and related issues, it affects or deals with a part or only branch of the human resource management system as a whole. However, this step in the form of deciding to deploy an online human resource management system to grant a form and a form of registration and documentation system of individual employee service books and within a limited period of time, it is a good step in the right direction. This step by harnessing the existing potential at the University of Kashmir to develop a portal for e-HRM will definitely help employees to a greater extent in avoiding hassles, tensions, saving time, money and energy.
Needless to add that in the employee service book in Jammu and Kashmir, there is a built record which includes all information about the employee, date of birth, educational qualifications, pay scale, raise annual, breaches of service conduct and their resolutions, recording of important events, transfers, promotions and other details . Doubts and disputes can arise in the normal course of any of the references or records, generated by the employee or the employer and even “things” can be manipulated or “managed”, in which case the entries are of mentioned from time to time in order to arrive at a correct position and the chances of any kind of tampering will now be remote with the introduction of the new technological improvement. Therefore, the government’s decision to correct these most sensitive but mostly irritating and even embarrassing positions for employees, is an innovative step and, in fact, a great relief for state employees. In other words, all information regarding the above mentions will now be available in a concise electronic form, resulting in a reform that will be widely welcomed by all categories of employees.
Annual performance reports, based on how this vital issue is handled such as submitting it within a limited timeframe every year and checking allied details, are generally considered a matter not deserving of much importance and the e-HRM system will erase the habit of delays and now facilitate the rapid verification of data and registrations thanks to the proposed introduction of the said electronic system. Since various information and data required in respect of employees – for example, transfer due, promotions, retirements, release of pension benefits in lump sum and subsequently release of pension, etc. , hassle-free and above all without wasting time.