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JCDecaux partners with MyPayNow to distribute data in real time

By on March 11, 2021 0

JCDecaux has developed a dynamic digital campaign with live hourly data where commuters can access their money from MyPayNow while waiting for the bus.

As part of an exclusive nationwide poster campaign, JCDecaux’s digital SMARTFRAME resources broadcast bus arrival times, letting commuters know how far their next bus is and how easy it is to travel. ” access their money through the new MyPayNow cash advance app during this time. time.

In addition, bus shelters and kiosks in the Sydney CBD will also be packaged in the MyPayNow branded yellow and purple colors as part of the campaign, in order to spread and build brand awareness.

MyPayNow aims to help Australian workers manage their cash flow, allowing them to access up to 25% of their salary up front for a small fee. Operated through a smartphone app, MyPayNow allows people to spend money they’ve already earned and then repay the funds after their bi-monthly or monthly payroll is paid.

Ashley Taylor, Head of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux, said: “We love to find ways to create impact and awareness by providing public services to the city, and this campaign offers both utility and scale to MyPayNow. The powerful combination of contextually relevant data through dynamic digital for commuters and 100% voice share through bus shelters and kiosk envelopes, the campaign delivers a useful service to commuters, linking the brand and using creativity to focus. on the ease of use of the MyPayNow application.

MyPayNow Managing Director Nic Bennetts said, “We chose outdoor signage for its ability to capture attention in a meaningful and engaging way. We are not only a new company, but also presenting a whole new concept to the Australian public: we need to build trust, brand recognition and educate. Outdoor advertising was the best solution for this, especially dynamic signage. As a brand, what we do is dynamic – we are real-time and instantaneous, so we wanted to engage audiences with real data and inspire them to know who we are and what we do.

The MyPayNow campaign will run on JCDecaux’s national network of Out-of-Home Transport, Digital Street Furniture and Large Format until November 2.

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