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By on December 18, 2021 0

Despite the fact that we live in a modern scientific age, we regularly encounter incidents related to female feticide, and we often see parents smiling at the prospect of a female birth. Yet, from the moment a little girl arrives in the life of her parents, pleasure and unconditional love is poured out on her. She is pampered like an angel.

Basically girls are born with a bit of angelic sparkle about them. The Creator needs so many things to make a girl. It uses the song of a bird, the stubbornness of a mule, the antics of a monkey and the liveliness of a grasshopper, the curiosity of a cat, the grace of a gazelle and to top it off, It adds the gentle, then integral nature of femininity.

A girl has so many main roles to play in her life. Before being anything else, she’s a girl. So maybe a sister and a wife and a mother and each of them are roles of perfection so important.

When she is a girl, she is an angel in human form – the joyful moments of the present for her parents. And, when she is a sister, she is more like a key to her brother’s fundamental self, a shareholder of delicacies. And the sorrows too! When she is a wife, it is not just someone who brings her spouse a hot cup of tea when he comes home from a tiring day. It is she who transforms her concrete house into a house full of soul. And what’s more, when she’s a mother, it’s not just someone who feeds her child. Being a mother makes her an alarm clock, a maid, a cook, a waitress, a teacher and a nurse.

Let’s not forget that apart from these household chores, she turns out to be a handyman, an event planner, a photographer, a counselor, a security guard, a personal assistant. Note that a mother does not have vacation, sick pay or days off. And for having done so much, she is not paid either. Women have made tremendous progress over the past two centuries, but I don’t know if their roles have really changed. Women have been sacrificing themselves for ages and continue to do the same.

A girl can grow up like a princess, but every moment she is called a “memory” who must leave her house for a new one. Letting go of all your old relationships and friends just to make new ones. She is kicked out of her parents’ house to start a new family. It is she who must adapt to the state of mind of its laws and meet all their needs. And just as she begins to believe that this is the place she belongs to, she remembers that she was an alien in the house. We come up saying that a girl has a double house reliability. Her parents’ house and her husband’s house. But I never knew which house it actually belongs to? The one where she spent her childhood and was expelled or the one where she just arrived in the second phase of her life?

The road ahead for girls is difficult and they all struggle to find their place in the world. Their transparent actions scream. What do I belong to? What do I live for? Loneliness and depression are rampant with us girls. We may have figured out how to put on our big girl pants and live everyday life, but the point is, many of us carry wounds from disappointments, hurts, and rejection of life. We have wondered over and over again. Do you see me? Am I worthy? Do I fit in? And often the world has responded or our inner voice confirms a big no. Yet we live by believing the lie!

(From the RK archives)