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Small businesses finally see positive prospects for economic recovery in 2021

By on March 11, 2021 0

National Credit Partners announces renewed interest in small business owners seeking corporate debt restructuring programs for 2021.

SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 9, 2021 / The consequences of economic uncertainty and COVID-19-related shutdowns hit small businesses particularly hard in 2020. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, nearly a quarter (23%) of small businesses reported temporarily shutting down their businesses. since the start of the pandemic, and three-quarters of small businesses (74%) say they are concerned that the coronavirus will impact their business much longer than expected at the start of the pandemic.

“Many small business owners have been cornered due to economic uncertainty and declining income and cash flow,” said Dennis Edwards, vice president of business development at National Credit Partners. “Today, more than ever, small business owners need help weathering the storm while keeping their doors open. This year we have already seen a growing number of small business owners who are in desperate need of help reducing their daily, weekly or monthly loan payments. guarantee their obligation to repay their lenders in full. “

National Credit Partners expresses optimism for 2021. While companies are not as comfortable with their cash flow as they were before the pandemic, there are several reasons why 2021 is shaping up to be brighter. As they say, it is always darker before dawn. Here are some points of optimism for 2021:

  • Starting with the renewal of the PPP business loan program in 2021, millions of dollars of low-interest business loans will be pumped into the economy with a PPP loan Forgiveness functionality.

  • The new administration and consumer-friendly Congress have signaled that more financial initiatives will be unveiled in 2021 as part of a concerted effort to help stay small bankruptcy companies.

  • Small businesses that weathered the economic storm of 2020 may see a reduction in their business tax liabilities, as last year’s net operating losses may reflect offsetting.

  • Programs like those offered by National Credit Partners help cash-strapped business owners seeking help with corporate debt restructuring, restructuring of cash advancesand commercial loan modifications.

About National Credit Partners

National Credit Partners is a Better Business Bureau A + accredited financial firm specializing in corporate debt relief, restructuring of cash advances, and business loan modifications. They are not a lender or debt settlement company. Their team of corporate debt specialists and debt relief lawyers help oversized business owners restructure and modify their business debt by negotiating new permanent contracts to increase cash flow over a period of time. prolonged.

When business owners enter into a contract with National Credit Partners to restructure their existing commercial debt and extend terms to reduce payments, it can be a problem. business credit creator due to the reduction in the debt-to-income ratio. This program enables business owners to meet the immediate challenge of limited cash flow, avoid business failure, and take steps in the right direction to help strengthen their overall credit profile so they can get better funding in the future.

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