Stahl to Manage Minnesota International Institute Facility Expansion

By on April 22, 2021 0

The Minnesota International Institute (IIMN) is expanding its space to increase its capacity and ability to serve more new Americans and increase the number of services offered. IIMN’s current building at 1694 Como Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota will undergo a 10-month renovation and expansion with a construction partner Stahl and design partner James Dayton Design.

Since 2012, the IIMN has experienced continuous growth. To continue fulfilling its mission, IIMN needs more physical space to house staff and continue to expand the growing number of programs.

Originally founded in 1919 as part of the YWCA of Saint Paul, IIMN provides services and resources to enable New Americans to achieve their goals. For over 100 years, IIMN has served the needs of immigrants and their families. IIMN’s programs include language learning, vocational training, immigration assistance, citizenship classes, refugee resettlement, case management and the organization of the annual Festival of Nations.

The current expansion is funded by generous philanthropic support and a bailout bill approved by the Minnesota state legislature in October 2020.

Under construction, IIMN has moved its operations to 2300 Myrtle Ave., Suite 140, in St. Paul.