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Canadian dollar targets retail sales

by on March 18, 2022 0
The Canadian dollar continues to rally and gained more than 1% this week. We will see Canadian retail sales later today. Retail sales are expected to rebound After a difficult start to the week, the Canadian dollar pulled back and posted three winning days, while the US dollar fell against the major currencies. The... Read More

Borrowing: Swiping your credit card? Think again

by on March 17, 2022 0
Reckless credit card purchases, late payments, and credit deferral can lead to a debt trap. And unpaid dues can affect your credit score After the Covid-19 pandemic, credit cards have become one of the most popular digital payment methods. The growing use of credit cards suggests consumer demand for innovative financing options and credit... Read More

SMEs to borrow against card sales with Linked Finance

by on March 4, 2022 0
Merchant Cash Advance allows for flexible repayments that scale with a business’s sales Exchange Niall O’Grady, Tied Financing. Photo. Bryan Mead Digital lending platform Linked Finance has launched a new lending product that allows businesses to unlock their daily cash flow from card payments as a funding source. Merchant Cash Advance will allow businesses... Read More

What is a cash advance?

by on March 2, 2022 0
Having access to cash at a glance can be daunting, especially if you don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover an emergency. One way to get cash fast is to take out a cash advance on your credit card. Please note: a cash advance is not free money. Chances are your... Read More

Fed survey of small business credit identifies companies hardest hit by pandemic

by on February 27, 2022 0
the Small Business Credit Survey 2022 Employer Business Reportpublished by the 12 Federal Reserve Banks, confirmed what many economists suspected: many small businesses have not returned to pre-pandemic levels, with the effects of the pandemic disproportionately hitting businesses in the leisure and hospitality, and small businesses, especially businesses owned by people of color. The... Read More

green bonds | Budget 2022: Sovereign green bonds a boost for the green economy. After that ?

by on February 27, 2022 0
The Union budget announced that India would issue a green sovereign bond. This exciting development follows several public and private initiatives. Some of these include the government’s commitment to develop large-scale power plants in solar and wind energy, with total installations already exceeding 100 GW, large corporate financial commitments in renewable energy and the... Read More

ELEVATE CREDIT, INC. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations (Form 10-K)

by on February 25, 2022 0
The following Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations ("MD&A") is intended to help the reader understand our business, our results of operations and our financial condition. The MD&A is provided as a supplement to, and should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements and the related notes... Read More

Retail sales fell 1.8% in December to $57 billion, Statistics Canada says – Parksville Qualicum Beach News

by on February 18, 2022 0
Canadian retail sales fell 1.8% to $57 billion in December as the spread of the Omicron variant and severe flooding in British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces disrupted transportation, operations retail and sales, Statistics Canada announced Friday. It’s the biggest drop since last April, when regions across the country implemented tougher COVID-19 restrictions, the... Read More

Why did strong retail sales fail to lift the USD?

by on February 16, 2022 0
The US Dollar traded lower against all major currencies on Wednesday despite hawkish FOMC minutes and strong US data. The Federal Reserve is on track to raise interest rates in March, especially after the 3.8% jump in retail sales last month. Economists expected the increase to be led by auto and gas sales, but... Read More

Morgan Brookshire Business is launching truly innovative business financing solutions that will be available to all business owners in the United States and Canada.

by on February 15, 2022 0
NEW YORK, February 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Morgan Brookshire LLC has launched an innovative business finance solution that will be available to all business owners across United States and Canada. This will be done regardless of credit issues or any other hurdles where it will be easy to get the maximum amount and the... Read More

Santa Barbara commercial real estate is red hot

by on February 11, 2022 0
If there was any doubt that commercial real estate sales have yet to recover from the pandemic recession, a recent report by the Hayes Commercial Group of Santa Barbara certainly proves otherwise. Trade sales for the fourth quarter of 2021 topped the charts with 117 deals totaling $770 million, the highest sales quarter on... Read More

Asia Morning Call-Global Markets | Reuters

by on February 9, 2022 0
February 10 (Reuters) – ——————————————– ——————————————— ————————————————– ——————————————— ————————————————– ——————————————— Join now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Register ————————————————– ————————————— ** indicates the closing price All prices from 6:21 p.m. GMT SHARES GLOBAL – Global equities rallied on Wednesday, with Wall Street rising again on a boost from Big Tech and European stocks... Read More

A year of change and new directions for municipal bonds

by on February 6, 2022 0
Important Disclosures 1 Bearish flattening refers to the convergence of interest rates along the yield curve, with short-term rates rising faster than long-term rates and is seen as a harbinger of economic contraction. . Prior to September 1, 2020, the funds were known as VanEck AMT-Free Short Municipal Index ETF, VanEck AMT-Free Intermediate Municipal... Read More

New Mexico Small Business Loans

by on February 4, 2022 0
Small business owners are an important part of New Mexico’s state economy. Did you know that small businesses employ more than half of the state’s private workforce? But employing all these people costs money. If your small business needs a little help getting the capital it needs to operate, keep reading. How a Small... Read More

5 ways to save more money in the new year

by on January 27, 2022 0
Los Angeles – January 27, 2022 – (Newswire.com) Iquanti: save more money is a day-to-day resolution. But many people who express the desire to save more may not know good ways to do it. Luckily, saving money can be easy if you just change your habits. Here are 5 ways to save money in... Read More

Average Credit Card APR | The bank rate

by on January 20, 2022 0
Your interest rate is the price you pay to borrow money. For credit cards, interest rates are usually expressed as an annual rate called the annual percentage rate (APR). This number will vary depending on several factors: the type of card, your credit score, your income, your payment history and more. If you make... Read More

What happened to Casino Mogul Ted Binion’s money?

by on January 15, 2022 0
Australian bank Westpac has taken the decision to charge higher interest rates on payments made through its credit cards. Customers will now have to pay more interest on what Westpac calls “near-cash” payments, which include transactions drawn in favor of online gambling accounts. Westpac will charge 22.95% interest on cash advances All payments that... Read More

Tip: never limit payday loans, people should have a pandemic

by on January 6, 2022 0
Tip: never limit payday loans, people should have a pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has generated unprecedented adversity for many families across our country. More than 16 million people were unemployed in July, countless businesses are either banned from operating or particularly brief inside their practice due to city and city-wide lockdown orders, and a... Read More

2 FinTech stocks that you can buy right now

by on December 27, 2021 0
Financial technology has brought financial services into the digital age. And the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of bringing businesses around the world online. Two fintechs that are making great progress in this environment are Web Markets (NASDAQ: TW) and Silvergate Capital (NYSE: SI). Both are customer-centric innovators, and the markets have rewarded... Read More

Update of the Code of Banking Practices

by on December 16, 2021 0
On December 10, 2021, the Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) and the DTC Association (DTCA) jointly published a revised version of the Code of Banking Practice (Coded) which has been approved by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). The latest updates provide enhanced measures to protect bank customers in light of financial technology... Read More

Mortgage Rates Today Are Going Down | December 15, 2021

by on December 15, 2021 0
Iinterest rates are lower today. The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate purchase loan has fallen to 3.607% while the rate for a 30-year refinance has fallen to 3.797%. While most types of loans have seen their rates drop, the rate on a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage has increased to 2.604% for purchase loans and... Read More

Beijing’s Attempt to Compete with the United States as Safe Haven from Threatened Debt After Crackdown, Economy News & Top Stories

by on December 11, 2021 0
(BLOOMBERG) – In a world filled with bond investors hungry for safe assets offering attractive yields, Chinese government bonds had become a tempting spectacle in recent years. However, red flags are now being hoisted. A slew of government crackdowns on everything from real estate developers to tech companies is raising questions about whether a... Read More

Everything you wanted to know about Wisconsin payday loans online and you were also embarrassed to find out about

by on December 5, 2021 0
Everything you wanted to know about Wisconsin payday loans online and you were also embarrassed to find out about LendUp was established in 2012 as a good number of payday advances that could help buyers break the cycle of excessively interest-bearing financial obligations. At the end of 2005, California had 2,445 payday loan stores.... Read More

fuboTV to Expand Global Footprint with Acquisition of Molotov SAS, France’s Leading Live TV Streaming Service

by on November 9, 2021 0
Acquisition Accelerates fuboTV’s Mission to Create the World’s First Live Interactive Sports Live Television Broadcasting Platform NEW YORK, November 09, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – fuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), the leading live sports TV streaming platform, today announced that it has taken a significant step towards global expansion and has reached an agreement binding to... Read More

UK faces ‘choppy growth, rising inflation and rising income inequality’ – business live | Business

by on November 9, 2021 0
Hello and welcome to our continued coverage of the global economy, financial markets, euro area and business. The surge in risky asset prices this year has made them increasingly vulnerable to a drop if economic growth worsens, the pandemic escalates, or investors lose confidence. That’s the message from the US Federal Reserve, which is... Read More

Affordable housing: a billion dollar opportunity

by on October 30, 2021 0
In the 50 years since independence, Bangladesh has enjoyed great success in the development of the country. There have been significant improvements in access to food, security, health care and education, which have led to an overall increase in living standards and a decrease in poverty rates. However, not all sectors have evolved in... Read More

10 long-term investing strategies that work

by on October 26, 2021 0
Balance your investment plan A quote attributed to Titus Maccius Plautus, a Roman comic playwright, has relevance to… Balance your investment plan A quote attributed to Titus Maccius Plautus, a Roman comic playwright, is relevant to investors today: “In all, the medium term is the best: anything in excess causes problems for men. Balance... Read More

How to earn APY with Defi?

by on October 1, 2021 0
Over the past year, DeFi has taken over the crypto space and offers consistently high returns 50 to 100 times greater than traditional savings accounts. The main reason for adopting DeFi is the high interest rates, which almost always exceed the interest rates offered by traditional savings accounts and current bank accounts. DeFi projects... Read More

Can Consumer Discretionary ETFs Make Good Fourth Quarter Bets?

by on September 25, 2021 0
Wall Street is seeing some strength amid the lackluster performance from September so far. The easing of tensions related to the Chinese real estate market and the absence of any indication of an immediate move to reduce the bond purchase program and keep benchmark interest rates unchanged have supported the market recovery. Investors are... Read More

Global stocks advance after Fed signals support easing

by on September 23, 2021 0
AP – Global stocks were mostly higher yesterday after the Federal Reserve signaled it may start easing its extraordinary support measures for the United States (US) economy later this year. Benchmarks rose in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and most other markets. US futures were higher. Markets have been closed in Tokyo for a... Read More

South African rand strengthens as Evergrande deal increases risk appetite

by on September 22, 2021 0
People chat outside a reception with an electronic board displaying the movements of major indices in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange building in Sandton Johannesburg, March 14, 2016. REUTERS / Siphiwe Sibeko / File Photo JOHANNESBURG, Sept.22 (Reuters) – The South African rand strengthened on Wednesday as risk appetite improved after the China Evergrande group... Read More

Moody’s accelerates its net zero commitments until 2040; Recognized as a United Nations LEAD Global Compact company

by on September 20, 2021 0
NEW YORK, September 20, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Moody’s Corporation (NYSE: MCO) today announced its commitment to achieve net zero emissions across its operations and value chain by 2040, advancing its original goal of 10 years. The new commitment date aligns with the decarbonization plan published by Moody’s and coincides with its recognition as... Read More

Northern California National Bank announces results of

by on July 16, 2021 0
CHICO, Calif., July 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Northern California National Bank (“NorCal” or the “Bank”) today announced the results of the previously announced cash tender offer by investors seeking to acquire all of the outstanding shares of NorCal (the “Investors”), a planned reverse stock split and the closure of its share transfer cases... Read More

Mining stocks herald better days for gold

by on April 22, 2021 0
Text size Jason Bennee / Dreamstime Overshadowed by the wild swings in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the original counterpoint to paper money – gold – has quietly seen an ascent this month. Even more than the metal, gold miners’ stocks rebounded and gained relative strength against the broader stock market. Gold mining stocks tend... Read More

6 benefits of a good credit score

by on March 11, 2021 0
You may only be thinking about your credit score before a major purchase, such as when to buy a house or apply for a loan. However, good credit can serve as a continuous behind-the-scenes pass to a world of VIP benefits, premium products, and easier access to the opportunities you want most. “You want... Read More

What happens when you stop making credit card payments?

by on March 11, 2021 0
Whether it’s a layoff, a medical emergency, or a pile of debt beyond what you can afford, struggling to pay credit card bills is an issue that many people are facing. faced. When you stop making credit card payments, you might not only be charged late fees and higher penalty interest rates, but also... Read More

How business credit cards differ from personal cards

by on March 11, 2021 0
If you have a small business or are another self-employed person, a business credit card maybe in your future. In 2017, about 31% of small businesses reported using credit cards to meet their capital needs in the past 12 months, according to a report of the National Association of Small Businesses. “What we are... Read More

Why Now is the Time to Apply for a Business Loan

by on March 11, 2021 0
Getting a small business loan is one of the best things you can do to grow your business, but it’s not always clear when it’s the right time to get one. To help you, we’ve put together a list of situations that can help you determine if it’s time to apply for your next... Read More

3 alternatives to alternative loans

by on March 11, 2021 0
As the economy continues to show signs of improvement, the small business credit market is changing steadily. Small banks approve more than half of the business loan applications they receive. While the approval rates of large banks (over $ 10 billion in assets) are much lower than those of small banks, they grant 17.6%... Read More

Thr3e Live Dance Complex: Winner of $ 10,000 Nav grant

by on March 11, 2021 0
Thr3e Live Dance Complex is the winner of Nav’s grant for this fall. The founders of Thr3e Live were originally a group of friends who adored the art of dance. What started out as a practice and performance band grew into a safe and welcoming place in Rhode Island that dancers of all ages... Read More

What is a credit card?

by on March 11, 2021 0
One of the most convenient forms of payment is credit cards. You can pay off your balance over time, which can come in handy if you want to finance a large purchase or face an unforeseen emergency. Credit cards also come with excellent protection against fraud. Most offer zero liability policies, which means you... Read More

7 things to know about cash advances

by on March 11, 2021 0
Small Business Credit Cards are mainly used for making purchases, but most will also allow you to make a cash advance (not to be confused with a merchant cash advance). And while some may think that a credit card cash advance is similar to withdrawing money with an ATM card, there are many important... Read More

How to get money on a credit card at an ATM

by on March 11, 2021 0
Most of us know how to use our credit card to make purchases, but not everyone knows how to get cash from a credit card at an ATM. When you use your credit card to request a cash advance, you can withdraw money from your credit card and use it to pay rent, pay... Read More

Buy now, pay later for tooth-missing self-regulation: RateCity

by on March 11, 2021 0
The new “buy now, pay later” industry code of practice is a step in the right direction, but it is unlikely to prevent many customers from overspending. The code, which came into effect today, includes caps on late fees, support for vulnerable customers and freezing accounts when repayments are missed. The code also requires... Read More

Advance of funds by credit card; What would you like to know

by on March 11, 2021 0
Essential readings, delivered weekly Subscribe to get the most important news of the week delivered to your inbox every week. Your credit card trip is officially underway. Keep an eye on your inbox. We will send you your first message soon. In a financial crisis, the easiest and fastest way to get cash may... Read More

The best way to finance a move

by on March 11, 2021 0
Moving to a new home can be very expensive. Read on to discover your options for financing your move. Image source: Getty Images. Moving costs more than most people realize. In fact, the average cost of a move in your state is around $ 2,300, while the average cost of an intrastate move is... Read More

Best Bank of America Credit Cards For May 2021

by on March 11, 2021 0
Faq What is the history of Bank of America? Bank of America Corporation was formed by the merger of San Francisco-based BankAmerica and Charlotte, North Carolina-based NationsBank in 1998, creating one of the nation’s largest banking organizations. Bank of America can trace its roots back to the Bank of Italy, created by an Italian... Read More

Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card Review

by on March 11, 2021 0
Wells Fargo Business Platinum Full Credit Card Review Benefits Flexible rewards structure Launch APR 0% The inconvenients Limited benefits High expenses required to earn a bonus Benefits explained A choice of types of rewards: The Wells Fargo Business Business Platinum Card allows you to choose your preferred rewards structure. The option to receive 1.5%... Read More

Where and how to get a small business loan

by on March 11, 2021 0
Whether it’s due to a lack of funds to add inventory or to purchase new equipment, many small businesses need additional capital. While some small businesses try to make do with what they have, others look to banks, alternative lenders, or the government for a quick injection of cash. For those looking for additional... Read More

4 ways to solve cash flow problems

by on March 11, 2021 0
Even the most prepared small business owner can be caught off guard by a sudden financial emergency. Fortunately, there are financing options that can help you when you need immediate capital. By understanding what emergency cash loans are available, you can apply for the one that best suits your needs and get over any... Read More

Bank of America Platinum Plus Mastercard Business Review

by on March 11, 2021 0
Bank of America Platinum Plus Mastercard Business is not one of our highest rated business credit cards. You can consult our list of best business credit cards for what we think are better options. Bank of America Platinum Plus Mastercard Business Full Review Benefits Attractive APR conditions $ 300 bonus The inconvenients No reward... Read More

FAVO Capital CEO interviewed by PYMNTS.com

by on March 11, 2021 0
Merchant cash advance seeks disruption opportunity WESTBURY, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2021 / FAVO Realty Inc. (OTC Rose: FAVO) The flexibility of the business model has become a lifeline for businesses of all kinds amid the pandemic. Whether it was manufacturers changing their product lines to create more PPE or restaurants embracing... Read More