Transfers to the Livestock Department. attract the flak

By on August 6, 2022 0

Drill lacks transparency and spoils chances for officers claiming positions, says officers’ forum

Drill lacks transparency and spoils chances for officers claiming positions, says officers’ forum

A decision by the state’s livestock department to transfer 58 senior vet/assistant director ranks has drawn criticism for being arbitrary and in gross violation of standards.

By decree of August 5, 45 veterinarians in the department were promoted to the rank of senior veterinarian/deputy director. But an accompanying decision to remove 58 senior vet/deputy director rank officers from their existing posts has sparked controversy.

The Kerala Government Veterinary Officers Association (KGVOA) demanded that the state government immediately revoke the transfers. According to the KGVOA, the livestock department neither solicited staff applications nor prepared a draft roster. As such, the whole exercise lacked transparency and spoiled the chances of officers who had a legitimate claim to these positions, KGVOA Chairman Dilip Chandran said.

Online database

More importantly, the department still needs to prepare an online database of its personnel, as required by the state government to make postings and transfers. The current transfer orders also run counter to an assurance given by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to the State Assembly on the matter, according to the KGVOA.

Mr. Vijayan, in a written response to the House on February 22 this year, had said that severe guidelines were in place to make general transfers exclusively through the online mechanism. In October 2021, the Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department had issued an order requiring all departments to prepare electronic personnel databases and to carry out transfers and secondments only through it.

‘Promotions Due’

“We do not oppose the promotions granted to 45 officers as they were due. However, the transfers of the 58 officers were ordered in violation of applicable standards except in one instance where it can be justified on medical grounds,” Dr Chandran said.

Developing the database is not such a herculean task as the livestock department has only 1,164 veterinarians and 394 senior vets/deputy managers for whom the general transfer applies, according to the association.

In February this year, the KGVOA had petitioned the Livestock Minister J. Chinchurani and the Livestock Secretary, asking for urgent action for the creation of the online database.