Video of Dr Bawumia’s lecture on Ghana’s economy goes viral on Twitter and YouTube

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WATCH: Video of Dr Bawumia’s lecture on Ghana’s economy goes viral on Twitter, YouTube: Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, a vice president who has been around the web, must be wondering why his name is spreading across the web and social media as well. So let us tell you that he was to deliver a lecture on the recent state of the economy of Ghana, this speech was delivered by him on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Follow more updates at

Lecture by Dr. Bawumia on the economy of Ghana

A lecture was delivered by a vice-president at the Conference of the Confederation of Higher Education Students (TESCON) at the Pentecost Convention Center in Gomia Fete, and it aimed to address issues that are surrounded by what is felt in the pockets of the Ghanaian people.

Here is what he said in his lecture: “Let’s start from a man in the street to the business tycoon, a food to eat, clothes to wear, the shelter we see he has, to the benevolence we granted to families and friends, the health of the economy is felt in our pockets.

Lecture by Dr. Bawumia on Ghana Economy Statement

“Times are tough” and even his lecture aims to address the real cause of the current economic challenge and how the government has dealt with them. While in this lecture he shared some of his expectations of how the vice president should share his own perspective on the same government policies and other related issues of an economy that has consisted of the controversial electronic transfer tax. otherwise it is also known as E-Levy. Besides the controversies surrounding the 1.5% tax to be levied on electronic transfers by the government, an expectation on the vice president’s speech on E-Levy rested on him before declaring his opposition to the taxation of the mobile money.

Lecture by Dr. Bawumia on the economy of Ghana Video

Here are his words to Kwame Sefa Kayi Peace FM during a 2017 interview, “I didn’t think Mobile Money should be texed because a lot of people using the services are poor like you really want to put more taxes on them and they suffer.

Other than that, the Acting President is expected to break his silence on E-Levy, Dr. Bawumia has barely scratched the surface of the new fiscal policy discussion that has won Presidential assent. His lecture is almost 129 pages and throughout his lecture he mentioned E-Levy.